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Safeline Report Concerns


Safeline is a safety reporting system for individuals to report safety concerns. Students, parents, staff, and residents can use Safeline anytime they have information about possible illegal activity, a potential threat, or any type of safety issue affecting Ritenour students or schools.

Ritenour’s Safeline phone number is (314) 493-6205. Our safety tip line can also be accessed on this page or on the Ritenour School District App. All tips are monitored Monday through Friday during school hours.

Safeline is designed to increase safety at Ritenour schools and school events. Callers can report concerns to the automated voicemail system seven days a week, 24 hours a day. However, to report an emergency or an incident needing immediate attention, callers should dial 911 or contact the local police. Safeline is anonymous and does not use any caller I.D. devices, although callers are encouraged to leave their names, telephone numbers and detailed information to better allow district administrators to act on the information. Information reported on Safeline is reported daily to school principals and district administrators.

Our primary goal for Safeline is to help maintain a safe school environment for our students and employees. Safeline is a part of our overall program to promote safety and prevent potential problems in our schools.