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Famous Graduates

* = Hall of Fame Inductee

** = Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Scheffing * 1930 Professional baseball player, coach, manager and general manager
Vincent Piacentini, Jr.* 1938 Internationally known theater and concert hall designer
David Bell* 1939 Retired Lieutenant Colonel, US Air Force
Laura Downey Bell* 1939 Leader in nursing profession and education
Don Horn* 1939 Internationally recognized entrepreneur; aircraft industry
Billie Lou Watt* 1941 Actress, stage and television
George Chapman* 1943 Educational leader, RHS principal 1960-1967
Giles McCoy* 1943 World War II hero, member of United States Marine Corps
Lyle Fisher* 1944 Nationally recognized mathematics educator
Walter Garrison * 1944 President & CEO of CDI Corp.; founded Pennsylvania Institute of Technology
James Westbury * 1945 Retired teacher, principal and superintendent
Robert Jones 1946 Chairman, The Jones Company (homebuilder)
June Wuest Becht* 1947 Journalist/lecturer, Olympic historian
William E. Cooley* 1947 Research Chemist; Led development team that created Crest toothpaste
James L. Day* 1948 General USMC; awarded Medal of Honor; WWII hero
Earl Thompson* 1949 Internationally recognized leader and consultant in aerospace industry; worked on Apollo 13 mission
Donell Gaertner* 1950 Director, St. Louis County Library; created bookmobile concept
Albert Oberman* 1951 Internationally known cardiovascular researcher
Jerry McKinnes* 1955 Creator of the ESPN television series “Fishin’ Hole”
Rich O’Donnell* 1955 Principal Percussionist, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
Dwight C. Look* 1956 Researcher; Prof. Emeritus of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Dale Rohman* 1956 America’s Flower Man; Nationally-known floral designer and speaker
Walter E. Webb * 1956 Major General US Air Force; recipient of two Distinguished Flying Cross Awards and numerous other honors
Ronald K. Hunt* 1959 Professional Baseball Player; Owner of Ron Hunt Baseball Assoc.
Ted Kulongoski* 1959 Governor, Oregon (elected 2002)
Burton R. Moore* 1959 Major General US Air Force; Director of Operations for General Norman Schwartzkoff during Desert Storm in 1990
Terry Straeter* 1960 National security administrator; NASA, General Dynamics, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
Larry Mickey 1961 Director of St. Louis Muny Opera (retired)
James A. Vornberg* 1961 Professional educator; author
Michael Ham * 1962 Secretariat; Marine Resources; Pacific Consortium
Michael Horn* 1962 International environmental leader and advocate for coral reefs
Harry J. Maue* 1963 Founder of the legal fee auditing industry, chairman of legal auditing firm
Stephen W. Miller* 1963 Business executive; community leader
Richard J. Sabath III* 1963 World authority in pediatric exercise physiology, innovator of childen’s exercise programs
Raymond Thorpe * 1963 All-American collegiate athlete; businessman; educator
Arlene Ackerman 1964 Superintendent, San Francisco Unified School District
Sallie Coffman* 1964 Concert Master-St. Louis Muny Orchestra
Ronald W. Davis 1964 President; Business Development, Engineered Support Systems, Inc.
Ron Grubbs ** 1964 Director of Advertising, KMOX Radio, St. Louis
Mike Keefe* 1964 Pulitzer Prize Winning Syndicated Editorial Cartoonist, Denver Post and America On-Line
David F. Maltman* 1964 Executive director/advocate human services
Leslie W. Miller* 1964 Prof. Of Medicine; Director, Cardiovascular Div., University of Minnesota; Former Head of St. Louis University Hospital Cardiovascular Dept.
James Nicholson* 1964 International Award-Winning Playwright
Karen Carroll* 1965 Former Vice President/General Manager of KMOX Radio, St. Louis
Carole Rose Ebert Klein* 1965 Personnel manager for many orchestras in the San Francisco (Calif.) Bay Area
Michael Loberg* 1965 Internationally recognized scientist in pharmaceutical research
Peggy Giordano* 1966 Distinguished Research Professor, Bowling Green University
Larry Payton* 1966 Entrepreneur, producer in entertainment industry
Robert Todd* 1966 Head Baseball Coach, Ohio State University
Cynthia Holmes 1967 Attorney; Moderator (President), Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Jerry Reuss* 1967 Professional Baseball Player and Broadcaster
Susan Devaney* 1968 Leader in public health and nursing education
Robert Mosher 1968 Chief of the Political-Military Office, U.S. Embassy, Moscow
Lillie Sloan Thomas * 1968 Administrative Director of SSM St. Joseph Medical Park and St. Joseph Health Center Oncology/Radiation services
Charles A. Williams * 1968 Decorated naval command officer, military and commercial pilot, teacher, business entrepreneur
Thomas R. Hughes * 1969 CEO of T.R. Hughes, Inc., commercial and residential builder
Tom Morgan* 1969 New York Times journalist
Jack Burleson 1970 President, St. John’s Bank, St. Louis
Patricia Gunter 1970 Nashville Symphony Orchestra; bassoon and contra bassoon
Sarah Leen* 1970 National Geographic photojournalist
Thomas McIntyre* 1970 Nationally recognized leader in secondary education
John Stubbs 1970 California Ballet Musical Director and Conductor; San Diego Symphony Orchestra Violinist
Michael Bollinger 1972 Actor, Producer, Director, Lyceum Theatre, Arrow Rock, MO
Tom Brooks 1973 Christian music producer, arranger and musician
Janet Mosley Ruzycki * 1973 Pediatrician; Chief of Pediatric Medicine at St. Lukes Hospital in Chesterfield, MO
Mike Williamson 1973 Chemical Engineer and Attorney, ExxonMobil Chemical
Patti Wright 1973 Assistant Professor of Anthropology at UMSL
Jeff Leen* 1975 Pulitzer Prize winning editor, Washington Post
Julie Maxey Ferguson* 1976 High School All-State/College All Conference basketball player; educator; coach
James G. Klarsch * 1976 Orthodonist, Teacher, Researcher, Author, Lecturer
John Schieszer 1976 Nationally Syndicated Medical Journalist
Barry Cooper* 1977 CFO, Laclede Group and Laclede Gas Co.
Daniel Fortune 1977 Internationally known track and field athlete (retired)
Douglas A. Katsev* 1977 Opthalmologist, internationally known for his humanitarian work with Surgical Eye Expeditions International
Steven Winters 1977 Technical Research Specialist, Urban Search and Rescue; “9-11″ Rescue Team member
Warner Baxter * 1979 CFO, Ameren UE, Missouri
David Fuchs* 1979 Entrepreneur, philanthropist
Jacqueline McBrady 1979 CFO, selected “Most Influential Business Women” STL Business Journal, President of University of Missouri-St. Louis Alumni Assoc.
Mike Stewart 1979 Manager of Advertising Operations, Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Carla R. Williams 1979 Actress, Member of Los Angeles-based touring company featuring Broadway musical, The Lion King
Murvel R. Sellars 1980 Author, Rowan Gant Investigations Suspense Thriller Novels
Suzanne Cunningham 1981 Sr. Spaceport Manager, NASA
Charla Lord 1981 Producer, KMOV –TV, St. Louis
Jennifer L. Page* 1986 Physician; medical director
Lisa Jones Townsel 1987 Ebony Magazine; St. Louis Post-Dispatch fashion editor
Bill Chott * 1987 Actor, Writer; television, radio and film
Michelle Loyet* 1990 Archaeologist; Professor University of Illinois
DeRon Jenkins 1992 Professional Football Player, Tennessee Titans (retired)
Wendell Bryant 1998 Professional Football Player, Arizona Cardinals (retired)