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There are many ways to donate time and/or money to various organizations within the Ritenour School District. 

Husky Support Center Donation Center
Ritenour has a Donation Center at the Husky Support Center, located at 9303 Midland Blvd. Newcomer families and those who are in transition of housing are referred to the Donation Center by a Ritenour school social worker, bilingual therapist or bilingual liaison. If you would like to make a donation of gently used, clean clothing, please see your school social worker or counselor, or reach out to Victoria Forgash, Ritenour's bilingual parent liaison, at

Ken Crowder's "Best Kids in America" Scholarship
Each year, former Ritenour teacher Ken Crowder's "Best Kids in America" Scholarship is awarded to a select group of Ritenour High School seniors who are at risk of not graduating on time for any reason. Students in this group who demonstrate that they are willing to work hard and graduate on time are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship through this program.
Donate to the "Best Kids in America" Scholarship fund.

Pride and Promise Foundation
The Ritenour Pride & Promise Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports education in the Ritenour School District. The organization was established to provide supplemental funding for programs to enhance the educational experience of the district.
Donate to the Pride and Promise Foundation.

Ritenour Co-Care Food Pantry
The Ritenour Co-Care Food Pantry is overseen by the Ritenour Co-Care Inc., a 501c (3) non-profit board which is composed of leaders from area churches and businesses. This group of church and community leaders oversee the assistance to residents of the Ritenour School District through the Ritenour Co-Care Food Pantry which serves over 2000 people a month with fresh, frozen and canned goods.
Donate to the Ritenour Co-Care Food Pantry.

Ritenour Stepping Stones to Success
You can help children in the Ritenour School District get clothing for school, glasses or other personal items needed for success in the classroom by making a monetary donation to the Ritenour Stepping Stones to Success program. The program provides assistance to any child living in Ritenour, including those students who attend private and parochial schools.
Donate to Stepping Stones.

Additionally, you may make a donation to Ritenour High School.